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I guess I hadn't updated this website for PHP7, so I'm in the process of doing this now. Ye gods, this code is old. Happy new year!

Update: all done! Enjoy the museum exhibition. :) As always, you can reach me by email, on Twitter, or on GitHub.


For those interested, I've rummaged through my old laptop and uploaded any interesting projects to Github. You can find them at https://github.com/mrbellek.



Yesterday, Marcin Kleczynski of MalwareBytes posted on the MalwareBytes forum to announce that they uncovered without a doubt that IOBit has been stealing their definitions database, cracked the encryption and used it as their own.

This is unacceptable and nothing IOBit can say will refute what Marcin and his team have uncovered. If you host a website that mirrors IOBit's software, you should remove it. These people steal the hard work of others and pretend it is their own.

Here is the link to the thread.


Since Sony has started shipping Chinese PCs with the Green Dam filtering software early, I'm making this post a bit early instead of putting it up on July 1st.

If you live in China and are buying a new computer, or have friends or family who are, remember this: You are not legally required to keep Green Dam on your computer. Computer shops are required by law to install it, but you are free to uninstall it.

More information on the Green Dam filtering software and its problems, see this analysis by Wolchok, Yao, and Halderman.


I've updated the links on the Downloads section, removed dead ones etc and pointed any wrong ones to the right domain. If anything is still out of order, please let me know. :)

For those interested, I've also updated my blog at Blogger.com with some automatic, dynamic content like my Twitter and GReader feeds. It's about time I start tying all those Web 3.0 thingys together instead of having 6 separate pages to update.