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Online Help Forums

Because I am very busy with school, programming and other things, I will not have time to check each and every log you guys send in to me. Thankfully, there are numerous support forums out there that will take the time to go over your log with you. Here are a few good ones (keep in mind there are dozens of forums out there I dont even know about that help with Hijackthis logs so they may not be listed here).

Note: every forum has its own rules. Be sure to read the forum rules before posting to make sure your problem gets fixed as fast as possible.

This is one of the best support forums. Within minutes of posting your log or question, an expert will be reviewing it and you will have the answer you seek within those very minutes. They are very quick, accurate, and friendly!
Languages: English

This is another good one with friendly users, helpful people that are very smart.
Languages: English

This has got to be one of the busiest forums. They are quick to respond, accurate, and everything else.
Languages: English

These are excellent forums! The home of Spybot Search and Destroy forums! Everyone here know what they are doing. They are extremely friendly. Also post here with Spybot problems you may have.
Languages: English

The support forums of HijackThis.de (an automatic HijackThis log analyzer).
Languages: German

TomCoyote Forums
This forum is another excellent resource. The people here a friendly, helpful, and support both Ad-Aware and Spybot and Hijackthis logs.
Languages: English

Techguy Forums
Like most places, they have tons of helpful, friendly experts.
Languages: English

D-A-L forums
A smaller online help forum, working hard to increase the size of their community.
Languages: English

CastleCops Forums
A great forum, with lots of interesting stuff besides the forum itself, which is also very large with short response time.
Languages: English

SpyWare BeWare!
A relatively new forum ran by Maddoktor2. Not as formal as most, but a good place to relax and still find help.
Languages: English

Bleeping Computer is a community devoted to providing free original content, consisting of computer help and tutorials, in such a way that the beginning computer user can understand it.
Languages: English

A tech help forum that recently opened up for HijackThis logs. Their forum is also very complete for other topics than malware issues.
Languages: English

PCHelp Forum
A new support site for all PC related problems. We cater for all levels of PC user, regardless of experience. Downloads, forums, chat and news. We are dedicated to helping you with your PC problems.
Languages: English

A support forum for Spanish-speaking users of South America and Central America.
Languages: Spanish

PCPitstop Forum
A forum that offers all kinds of computer help, ranging from virus problems to casemodding.
Languages: English

A young forum with a wide variety of sections. Support for help with software and hardware problems, even for Linux and Macintosh, as well as Windows.
Languages: English

A Spanish computer forum dedicated exclusively to the elimination of malware. Relatively young but already at 16,000 users, they respond quick and friendly to questions.
Languages: Spanish

Spyware, Internet and Security. You will find the latest news that can endanger your computer. Further, and more significantly, Subratam will keep up to date on how to fix and neutralize these problems. Get free and expert help from this Microsoft approved related community website.
Languages: English

Cyber Tech Help has a busy forum where anyone can ask a question and have it answered quickly by friendly experts. It also has sections on Downloads, Tutorials, and IT News.
Languages: English

Part of Nucia, AntiSpywareOffensief is originally a Dutch forum. In fact, it used to be the only Dutch anti spyware forum. After cooperation with different Dutch antispyware websites and programs the number of members is growing rapidly and it is starting to gain an international reputation. The official (Dutch) support forums of Ad-Aware, Hijackthis and Hitmanpro are also located here.
Languages: English, Dutch

The BestTechie support forums have well trained and experienced malware/spyware removal experts, that can help you rid your machine of those annoying popups, browser hijacks, etc. The support forums also are home to many experienced Windows, Linux/Unix, and Mac users, who are very smart and helpful. We also provide help with web and graphical design and much more! While we are a computer and tech support site we also have an open chat and comedy club for more relaxed and laid back discussion.
Languages: English

GeeksToGo is the fastest-growing computer tech site on the Internet. We are honored to have many of the finest Experts in the field of Computer Security as Staff members. While our largest area is Malware Removal, we also have highly knowledgeable Staff ready to help you with all of your computer needs. The Staff and members strike an excellent balance between fun and friendly, and professional. Whatever your computer question or problem, GeeksToGo has the answers.
Languages: English

Log’N’Rock is dedicated to help users with computer issues free while also providing education about PC security. Find Security News & Articles, Tutorials and Guides and Becky Internet Mail! Official Support at the forums. Join our off-topic camp by participating in competitions, voting in polls and chatting with the community. Join 'n Rock!
Languages: English

Spyware Times Support
Spyware Times Support forums are dedicated to helping people remove malware (Spyware, viruses, trojans) from their PC's for free. We also have a Security News section, if you want to learn about the latest news in the Security World. We also offer a "Secure your PC!" section which offers advice written by security experts that can help you secure your PC from attacks.
Languages: English

My Anti Spyware
The latest news about spyware, adware, exploits. Also you can found Tips, FAQs, Forums, Online Scanners, HowTOs, removal instructions about spyware, adware, trojans, worms.
Languages: English

5 Star Support Forums
A free computer help community dedicated to helping computer users worldwide. The forums are staffed with freindly Moderators and Security Experts eager to help with nearly any computer issue.
Languages: English

Soft Hardware
We specialize in Computer Hardware and Software Support, Programming, Internet Security, Modifications and Gaming.
Languages: English

"Leaving Reformat at the Doormat" - Pctorium offers free computer support for all platforms and helps in fighting to combat Malware!
Languages: English

Doctus Forumlari
Türkiye'nin tek HijackThis raporlarini inceleyen güvenlik forumu. Doctus Forums, The only Turkish security forum you can post your HijackThis log!
Languages: Turkish

Security Forums.com
This is a computer security discussions forum where there is a dedicated section run by trained members to assist the public in malware removal using various free tools and online resources.
Languages: English

DMSetup forums
Dmsetup came to life in 1998 in the form of an IRC channel that cured victims infected with the DMsetup worm. Its new forum is the place to get security help from trained members that can speak numerous languages. It doesn't matter if you're British or Greek, Romanian or German, French or Spanish, you can get security help in your native language!
Languages: English, any language

Free computer repair, spyware and security advice for PC users.
Languages: English

Capp-Ware Solutions
Capp-Ware Solutions support forum is the official support forum for their software, such as RememberMe and PhoneMGR. It is also a place to get information about their upcoming software releases, information on NOD32 anti-virus, and a place to get general computer help. Guided by a friendly staff, Capp-Ware Support forums is an informative place to hang-out and get the help you need
Languages: English

A german hardware and software community, that give some great and quick support. There are always and nonstop active people, that helps everyone the best they can.
Languages: German

Since 1999 Trojaner-Board is one of the biggest german communities related to malware, trojans, worms etc. the users will help you to analyze your HiJackThis-Log and to handle all other PC problems!
Languages: German

Computer Juice
Offers free computer help, support and repair forums covering a wide range of PC topics.
Languages: English

Tech Support Team
Providing free computer help and support.
Languages: English

WinInizio.it is a wide message board for Italian computer users that is caring for computer security and has a special forum dedicated to these matters, plus a specific section dedicated to Hijackthis logs analysis.
Languages: Italian