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Here you can find some stuff I've written to help people understand HijackThis, Coolwebsearch and other things.

You can also find other interesting stuff at my blog. Topics may vary, naughty words may fly. You have been warned.

The CoolWebSearch Chronicles

The latest and greatest nuisance on the Internet, the browser hijacker that won't stop, the trojan from hell... name it what you want, but fact is that a company naming itself 'Coolwebsearch' (CWS) is producing a quickly growing strain of trojans that exploit a hole in the Microsoft Java VM, and change your homepage.

And by changing your homepage, I mean lodge itself onto your system in almost two dozen different ways, change your start page, search page, search assistant, redirecting you to porn sites from other porn sites or even search engines, popping up porn ads and sometimes even carrying a payload.

Hosted at InterMute
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HijackThis log tutorial

While this is nowhere near a complete guide to interpreting scan logs from HijackThis, it should help you a great deal. But remember to ask for help if you are not sure about a certain item.

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Uninstalling the MS Java VM

A conversion of the original article from ntfaq.com, rewritten for clarity. It lists instructions on removing the MS Java VM from your machine and replacing it with the Sun Java VM.

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